Cultural Crossroads, Inc.
BUILDING COMMUNITY At Cultural Crossroads, we firmly believe in the ability of people to work together for a common goal, with the result of the creation of what The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. termed the “beloved community” – a community of inclusion, justice and love. Our vision of a “shared future” depends upon shared responsibility for our future. We firmly believe that most people want that community and will work to achieve that community. To help you in your search to help build that kind of community, Cultural Crossroads offers these possibilities for involvement and participation. Click on the blue-font links, below, to learn how you can make a difference! VOTER REGISTRATION MEET PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT FAITHS MEET PEOPLE INTERESTED IN PEACE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES IN EDUCATION I DON’T HAVE TIME TO VOLUNTEER - HOW CAN I HELP? There are many ways to help others, even if you feel that you don’t have the necessary time or physical ability to volunteer and you don’t have money to donate. Most of us have things that we don’t use or need and many of those items can be donated to charities which can use them to benefit others.