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Cultural Crossroads supports the full exercise of religious liberty for all and is opposed to any limitation on immigration based upon religious restrictions. The United States was founded on the basis of freedom, and religious liberty is one of the most basic of those freedoms.  Any classification or treatment of citizens or immigrants based upon religion is counter to the very ideals of America and what America stands for. If America loses our unique position in the world as the bastion of religious liberty, it will not only destroy the American dream, it will destroy the preeminent position of the United States in the eys of the world....and history. Dated January 29, 2017 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDSHIP FAIR: October 8, 2016 Cultural Crossroads hosted a multicultural event with over 20 nonprofits organizations joining to teach about those in our community.  Read about it in the article at http://www.kcinterfaith.org/friendship-fair-travels-the-world-in-an-afternoon See photos (and post photos) on our Facebook page.
A CALL FOR AN END TO HATRED Cultural Crossroads expresses deep sorrow at recent instances of hate violence in our midst.  These past few days have seen several incidents of ethnic and religious hatred in the heart of the Midwest, from desecration of a Jewish cemetery in the St. Louis, MO, area to murder and attempted murder in Olathe, KS. The desecration of the cemetery, occurring with a background of threats to Jewish community organizations around the country, is acknowledged as hate violence.  Although authorities are, so far, hesitate to label the Olathe, Kansas, incident as a "hate crime” (under all the specificities of that designation), witnesses of that event report ethnic slurs were directed at two men from India prior to the violence.  We extend our most profound sympathies to the victims, their families and communities....and to our entire community, which is lessened by such acts of hatred. Hatred and hate violence are too evident in our  society and are the result of a mindset that divides people and holds some segments of our community to be "superior" to others.   No population is “superior” to any other population – and those who condone and cause violence, by definition, contradict any notion of “superiority.” In each case, we do find hope from the courage of those who stand against such violence.   We are amazed at the selfless courage of a bystander in Olathe, who himself became a shooting victim as he tried to stop the assailant, and we are warmed by the outpouring of support from the Muslim community, which raised tens of thousands of dollars to repair the Jewish cemetery.   At the same time, we are distressed that such actions are necessary. Cultural Crossroads works to promote the idea of equality of people of all cultures and the mutual respect that provides a peaceful society.    We call on all people, of all cultures and life philosophies, to remove concepts of “superiority” and “otherness” from our vocabularies and to replace them with the concepts of “equality” and “humankind.”    We can be better than this – we must be better than this. Dated: February 23, 2017 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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